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Building an army of Redheads to help change the world!


The event is back in full swing for September 2022 at Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado. Click here for more details!


The Reason Redheads Unite Exists - and why we fight human trafficking.


Redheads Unite is a page dedicated to displaying the talents of redheads and raising awareness about the dangers of human trafficking. Did you know Redheads are worth more money on the modern slave market? It's true! We're rare, just like a Spanish doubloon.  That makes us collectible to some of the bad guys of the world.

But I also want to help put an end to the merciless childhood bullying for Gingers everywhere.  I grew up being bullied, and while that's not the case for quite everyone, it's a common story I've heard time and again through the multitude of social media pages I moderate, specifically designed for redheads from all over the world.  

I'm wanting for young 'gingers' and redheads to see what is possible in their future! I'd love to show off the talents of other redheads from around the world, having them perform on stage with anything from bands to fire dancers to stilt walkers to painters and artists to martial artists to photographers! Their creativity and amazing talents would be on display for all the young, impressionable children to see and experience, giving them new encouragement and goals for the future! I'm tired of these bullies driving them down simply because of the color of their hair. I want to lift them up; inspire them! Show them the world is filled with endless possibilities! Not only will the color of their hair not hold them back, but it can actually launch them forward into greatness.  

Life as a redhead is beautiful. They just need to have someone show them. I'll do all I can to be that someone.

I'm delighted to have you join us.

Thank you so much for reaching out, and I look forward to networking with you soon!

Amanda Blackwood
Redheads Unite! 

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Making A Difference


This event will be a limited attendance "Pot Luck" style get together.  The event will be at a pavilion in Clement Park, Littleton CO, and this location does include public park style charcoal grills, covered pavilions, a lake, full playground, and multiple restaurants within walking distance.




Redheads Unite! The Gathering of 2022

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Outdoor Portrait

September 17th
1:00pm to 9:00pm

Clement Park, Littleton CO

Come for the food,
for the fun!

Group Photos
Fun Activities
Scavenger Hunt!
Prizes and games!

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Join the discussion or RSVP for the event on Facebook.

Easy answer:  FUN!
Bring some yard games for the kids that you don't mind sharing, from blow-up yard dice to Cornhole boards and beanbags.  With enough attendance we can do group games, like potato sack races and cake walks!  The image you see here is from the event in 2018, when we had enough people to even include vendors! The more donations we have, the bigger the event will be.  

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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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My hope is to provide a safe, fun place for redheads everywhere to join, enjoy a day of fellowship and community, and perhaps learn something they didn't know before.  While the donated proceeds from the event will go to help fight human trafficking, this will not be a 'preachy' event.  There will be literature available for those who want to learn more about safety but this event is about being a redhead!  

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have using the contact form above.  If you have more questions about human trafficking or about my own survival story,
Please visit my personal website at:
Or my public Facebook page at:

Or pick up a copy of my autobiography "Custom Justice" from your favorite book retailer.
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